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Aircon for offices and shops

Supply and Install of Casette Aircon unit, Split Aircon Unit or Ducted Aircon unit etc for offices and shops. During renovation site meetings, it is important to identify what is the most suitable aircon system to use to ensure maximum comfort but minimum power consumption. Understanding your Commercial Daily Activities help us to consult better on how your air conditioners should be constructed. 


Office Blinds

Supply and Install of Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Timber Blinds or Vertical Blinds etc. Office Renovation Includes finishes which not only enchance the aesthetic of the office, but also improve productivity of workers and energy saving if the correct kind of Office Blinds are installed. 


Office Carpet

Removal and disposal of existing carpets during office renovation works. We also Supply and Install of Carpet Tiles or carpet rolls etc. Office Carpet is always the finale for an office renovation work and the design can change the whole outlook of the premises. Our job being a renovation contractor involves giving advices on not only the design and specifications of carpet tiles and also the direction carpet tiles should be installed basic on different environment. Let us tell you more on what are the benefits of office carpets.


Office Carpentry Works

Supply and install customised built-in office cabinets, office tables etc. Precise On-site measurements, Functionality of cabinets, Choice of Laminates and Quality of work are the essentials of a carpenter. Excellent carpentry work plays a very important part in An Office Renovation project. With our countless experiences in Interior Renovation, be sure to be impressed with our final outcome.


Office Doors

Supply and install all types of office doors like wooden doors, glass doors or fire-rated doors etc. Doors Serve different purposes for different rooms, which we should customise in terms of usages and functions. Conditions of premises play a part for the decision, engage us for a hassle free office renovation 


Office Drywall

Supply and install gypsum board partition for office rooms. Office Partition comes in different thickness and can be improvised with sound insulation materials. Layout of rooms need to be done according to existing positions of fire sprinklers or smoke detectors to reduce additional cost which may incur. Be sure to engage an experienced office renovation contractor to prevent a hole in your pocket.


Office Ceiling

Supply and install plaster ceiling or ceiling boards for offices. Comes with appropriate office lighting to light up your work.


Office Glass Partition

Supply and install tempered glass or partial glass partition. For an office to look grand and spacious, more owners are willing to spend on glass partitions to beautify workplace. For safety reasons, glass partitions' thickness have to be considered and ultimately to be delivered and installed safety. Let us consult you on the Pros and Cons of Glass Works.

Electrical Works

Office, Factory and Warehouse Electrical Works

Cabling for electrical points, telephone points, data points, lighting points etc. Proper labelling and laying of wiring are essential during office renovation works, it saves the owner headache when there is a need to trace damaged wiring. As a professional office renovation contractor, our electrical works comes with certification from LICENSED ELECTRICAL WORKER when required. 


Office Flooring

Supply and Install all types of flooring includes vinyl flooring, laminated flooring or Tiles etc. Different Office Floorings come with different maintenance efforts, be sure to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages.   


Office Wall Painting

Touch up walls and painting services. Painting works look easy but it takes workmanship and experiences to achieve the best effects. Range of paint material is common, being spoilt for choices is also a problem. Dirty office renovation works will finally be touched up with the correct kind of paint material and paint works, let us colour up your work life.


Plumbing Works

All types of Plumbing works for office. Water Piping works, Sanitary ware and Proper concealing of unsightly pipes determine a good plumbing service. A small portion of office renovation works not to be overlooked.


Office Reinstatement

Construct office interior back to its original condition. Before the Start of the renovation job, do understand the requirements of the owner to prevent extra work done.    

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