Selective Pallet Racking System

100% Selectivity. Suitable for First-In First Out (FIFO) operation. High Visibility on stored goods. Multi product locations.
We also provide:
1) Used Racks
2) Refurbished Racking System
3) Reconditioned Racking System
4) Second Hand Racks

This is the most commonly racking system used, for storing multiple locations and 100% selectivity. This system offers the most economical, efficient storing and retrieval of pallets. Furthermore different kind of accessories could be added & customized, based on customer various storage requirement.

Furniture warehouse selective racking

Selective Racking in a Furniture Warehouse

Access under selective racking

Access Under

Steel coil storage

Steel Coil Storage

Stationery manufacturing facility selective racking

Selective Racking in a Stationery Manufacturing Facility

racking with plastic container

Racking with Plastic Container

Racking with fork spacer

Racking with Fork Spacer

For Selective Pallet Rocking, the height of Upright Frame and density of Rocking Layout Design ore limited based on type of MHE used. The most commonly used & preferred are:

  Forklift Reach truck
Aisle Width (W) 4500mm 3300mm
Lifting Height (H) 5800mm Varies by Brand & Model

As illustrated below showing different Aisle Width & Rocking Layout arrangement with these 2 MHE.

Selective Rack

Aisle width for forklift

Aisle width for Forklift

Aisle width for reach truck

Aisle width for Reach Truck


Pallet racking system accesories
Row spacer

a Row Spacer

Corner Protector

b Corner Protector

Column Guard

c Column Guard

Frame Protector

d Frame Protector

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